All I Want is a Hot Dog and a Beer

That’s great. When at a ballpark, you can definitely do worse than a good old fashioned hot dog, some mustard, and a cold beer. But, usually in this age of premium concession and dining options, you can also do much better if you’re so inclined. Basically, keep reading to learn why this blog, and the book that will be based on it, should matter to you.

Loaded Hot Dog

A loaded dog at Turner Field in Atlanta

Hot dogs are delicious. Hot dogs were built for baseball games. It’s possible that baseball was built for hot dogs. But if you go to more than one game in a week, or perhaps even a month, you will likely want something else while taking in one of those games. As ballparks have modernized, food options have proliferated in a way that is almost unwieldy. Basically, at today’s ballparks, if you can’t find something that fits your craving then you have extremely rare cravings. There’s a level of culinary one-upmanship at today’s parks that makes a trip to a ballpark as exciting for the foodie as it is for the fan of the game. If you’re both, then you win twice.

A lot of people go to a game as a socially acceptable excuse to get plastered. That’s fine, too. There are certainly cheaper places to drink a lot of (generally mass produced and uninspired) alcohol. If you just want to get smashed, most cities have bars with three dollar well drinks and Bud Light. That means you can buy three to four drinks at a local bar for the price of one at the average ballpark. I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink at the game. Actually, if you tend toward better spirits and beers, the markup tends to not be as steep for the good stuff as it is for the regular stuff. It may feel like highway robbery, but if you’re willing to sacrifice a little quantity you can get a lot more quality for your money.

This blog is here to guide you through the food and drink choices at the ballparks around the country. It won’t pull any punches. If a certain dish is bad, you’ll read it here. If one ballpark does something better than the rest, you’ll read it here. If a ballpark just needs to get with the program, you will definitely read it here. So come back often to see who (I’m really sorry, but I have to do this) knocks it out of the park and who strikes out when it comes to ballpark food.


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